Northern Zone


Engira Road,

NHC, Plot No. 32

P.O. Box 1041,

Arusha, Tanzania

The Northern Zone Office in Arusha covers three administrative regions namely Arusha, Kilimanjaro, and Manyara.The office started its operations in 2005 as a node office for the Council following succesful completion of theUNDP/GEF East Africa Cross-Border Biodiversity Project (1999-2004), of which NEMC was the implementing agency for Tanzania. The project office was based in Arusha at that time. Therefore, the Arusha office became the first zonal office to be established by the Council. The success of it gave the impetus for the Council to establish more zonal offices.

The role of the office is to coordinate various government issues related to management of the environment in the zones. While executing their duties, the Zonal office represents the Director General in implementing EMA (Cap 191) at the Zonal level. Specifically, the Northern Zonal Office has the responsibility to coordinate / to link up various government entities on issues related to environmental management.

NEMC’s Northern Zone Office is tasked to:

  • Ensure environmental compliance and enforcement to various facilities and development projects
  • Undertake environmentalplanning and research
  • Ensure compliance on environmental impact assessment and audits
  • Ensure EMA is known through communication and public outreach programs
  • Ensure human resources and government properties are administered and safeguarded
  • Respond to environmental queries and complaints in the zone.
  • Give guidance to clients on issues related to environmental management.
  • Develop and implement projects related to environmental and resources management