Usajili wa Wataalamu

Expert Registration Services is offered by NEMC in accordance with Section V of the Environmental (Registration of Environmental Expert) Regulations, 2005. The Registrar of Environmental Experts is the person who is mandated by Law to register Environmental Experts. According to Regulation 14 of the Environmental (Registration of Environmental Experts) Regulations, 2005 no person shall conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or carry out any activity relating to the conduct of an environmental impact study, or environmental audit (EA) as provided for under the EMA 2004, unless that person has been dully certified and registered by the Council in accordance with Environmental (Registration of Environmental Expert) Regulations, 2005.

Persons desiring to be certified as Environmental Experts shall apply to the Council by filling in prescribed forms accompanied by non refundable fee. They may apply as Individual Experts or Firms of Environmental Experts. Registered and certified Environmental Experts who are not in default are the ones eligible to submit their EIA/EA reports to the Council (Both Individual and Firms) and are displayed on NEMC website with their contacts and the list is updated periodically. Application for registration of Environmental Experts is invited once every year except for foreigners who can be registered any time to carry out a specific assignment. NEMC is responsible for overseeing the conduct of Environmental Experts and may take disciplinary actions including suspending or de-registering an Environmental Expert from the Register of Environmental Experts.

Registered Environmental Experts (both Individuals and Firms) are required by the Council to update their information each year.