Directorate of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (DESIA)

This Directorate is led by the Director


To provide technical advice on environmental and social impacts assessment of new and existing projects.


  • Oversee the process of registration, deregistration and regulation of performance of individual Environmental as well as Firms of Experts.
  • Build the capacity of sector Ministries and Local Government Authorities on the environmental and social impact assessments
  • Review and prepare guidelines, manuals and procedures for conducting Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Audits and disseminate to stakeholders.
  • Supervise and coordinate screening and reviewing of project briefs, scoping reports and approves Terms of Reference for conducting ESIA and Environmental Audit (EA) studies.
  • Coordinate review of ESIA/EA reports and the Technical Advisory Committee meetings to deliberate on submitted reports.
  • Advice on matters related to reviews of ESIA/EA reports
  • Facilitates the process of issuance of Provisional Permits for Industrial related projects
  • Coordinate District Authorities, Sector Ministries and the Public participation in the ESIA review process.
  • Review draft general and specific conditions for the recommended projects and advice for issuance of ESIA/EA certificate
  • Maintain and monitor a database of registered and approved projects and list of certified environmental firms of experts.
  • Organize public Hearing for projects
  • Resolve disputes for any misconduct by EE and firms of experts and any related issues; and
  • Organize EE Advisory Committee and Disciplinary Committee meetings.