Legal Services Unit


To provide expertise and services on legal matters.


  • Provide legal services
  • Provide legal Interpretation and enforcement of the environmental management legislation
  • Provide secretariat services to the Board Meetings
  • Provide support to the Attorney General Office in litigation against and on behalf of the council.
  • Gather information and evidence on cases compile the information as required
  • Respond to public legal inquiries about Council’s operations
  • Prepare legal contracts and agreement and ensure safe custody.
  • Administer compliance to the terms of agreements and contracts to ensure that the council’s interests are safeguarded.
  • Review and develop the organization’s legal procedures and recommends areas of improvement.
  • Ensure safe custody of legal documents
  • Review legal reports and provide legal opinions on matters involving the Council’s claims for presentation
  • Coordinate investigation of the environmental criminal cases in collaboration with Government investigation organs
  • Liase with statutory authorities on the environmental criminal cases