Directorate of Environmental Research and Management (DERM)

This Directorate is led by a Director


To coordinate and direct implementation of the National Environmental Research Agenda (RERA), Ecosystems Management and Climate Change issues.

  • Activities
  • Provide advice on environmental research, ecosystems management, monitoring of environment trends, Environmental Protected Areas (EPAs), Climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Provide guidance on climate change mitigation and adaptation issues, and operations of climate change fund (National Implementation Entity (NIE), the Green Fund and others.
  • Develop and surveillances implementation of the National Environmental Research Agenda (NERA);
  • Undertake and coordinate applied research on ecosystems trends and environmental challenges;
  • Facilitate preparation of Environmental Protection Plans and Guidelines for their ecosystem management in collaboration with relevant sector ministries, LGAs and other stakeholders;
  • Establish and operate NEMC Bureau of Environmental Services (NEMC – BES)
  • Prepare and supervise the implementation of environmental guidelines, norms, standards and procedures relevant to management of special areas, monitoring of trends in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Coordinate preparations of project proposals
  • Supervise projects funded by Climate Change Funds
  • Coordinate assessments and monitoring ecosystems and special areas.