Products that will not be affected by this prohibition include packaging of products such as pharmaceutical packages, food packages such as: milk, cashew nuts, industrial products, agriculture and construction. However, the packaging must meet the standards set by the Tanzania Standards Organization (TBS). These packets are not allowed to be used as carriers.

The government has banned the use of plastic bags to avoid the health and environmental impacts that arise from the use of such bags. Effects of plastic bags include environmental degradation as they are estimated to last for more than 500 years and thus cause long-term environmental effects; these bags also cause pollution by spreading into the environment; sealing sewage and drainage infrastructure and cause flooding; destroying ecosystems and biodiversity, the death of livestock, other animals and marine organisms as they eat and swallow these bags

The ban started in June 1st 2019

This prohibition applies to the ban on the production, importation, export, distribution, sale and use of all types of plastic carrier bags.

You can express your complains either via mobile No. 0692108566 , email dg@nemc.or.tz, complains section on the website, visiting the nearest NEMC office, letters, etc