Environmental Education and Outreach

Environmental Education tasks undertaken by NEMC include:

  1. Researching and keeping all records of matters impacting the environment and developing educational programmes,course content and resources for schools, adults, families, community groups or visitors to solve them or sites of special environmental interest involved in training or excursion for the purpose of replicating situation for betterment of the society.
  2. Collect, analyze and disseminate environmental information to the public, and promote educational programmes and resources to the target audience through leaflets, newsletters, websites, and in some cases, social media;
  3. Liaising with colleagues, teachers and community groups on the design and delivery, assessment and evaluation of effectivenesseducational programmesand writing reports for various audiences and groups that enhance public awareness for sound environmental management collaboratively
  4. Teaching groups and interpreting the natural environment for them on-site by leading guided walks and answering questions and giving talks in schools or community groups on environmental issues
  5. Training others, such as teachers, in the use of resources and in delivering educational sessions;
  6. Acting as a point of contact for teachers, educationalists and colleagues, responding to requests for information on educational issuesand carry outrisk assessments, particularly for outdoor activities;
  7. At a advanced level, the Council is involved in advising, drafting environmental education policies and strategies for your organisation or the wider community and enhancing the application of values that sets principles for comparing reality with ideals.